GLOW Worms

Do Glow Worms exist ?
Yes, they do !

Glow Worm Cruises start 30 minutes before sunset and take you slowly to the Turks and Caicos banks where we silently wait for the spectacular event.

Every month 2 to 6 nights after full moon a mesmerizing phenomenon occurs in the ebbing tide of the banks. 50 minutes after sunset the marine worm Odontosyllis performs a most unusual mating ritual. The sparkling show starts with the females spiraling to the surface emitting a pulsating green luminescence as they release an egg mass. The male, glowing as well, does a zig zag dance until he encounters these eggs, darts around in the mass causing an even brighter glow. He then dies and sinks to the bottom of the sea, sigh – no kidding, this is the truth. Come and enjoy this unique event yourself. Parents guidance advised (now I am kidding)